Monday, December 22, 2008

Life sucks? Just be colourful :D

SO, Life sucks? Im pretty sure that "yepppp..." is the answer :(
So i decided to post a colourful post for all of you, and for myself, to cheer everyone up ^_^

Lalala :D

Sooooooo, First i found some nice Haute coture outfits, colorful and yummy! And then our WONDERFUL Rebecca, AKA HulaBaby, made edited it and made this AWSOME graphic for me:

And thank you again Rebecca :D

now, i looked at the spoilers (i never do it), and found some delicious fun clothes that Stardoll will give us soon:

Looks Hautecouturistic, no? :D

And now, some fucked up weird graphics that i made, some days, or weeks, or months ago, when i was bored. But now they fit this post very well:

Muhahahahahaha! Oh and the weird thing next to the punkist old man is something in Hebrew, the graphics is kind of a parody on one of the Israeli politic groups :D

SOOOOOOOOOOOO Maybe i will add more stuff to this post, but right now its over :D

I hope you are in my crazy mood too now. , MUHAHAHAHAHA

I will control the world soon, and it will be like everyone are on drugs without the drugs part, like i am when im not in a bad mood XD



Yours (B!tch) Truly,

Micha ;D

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tyrall, fun style

Tyrall, her real name is Claire, is one of the girls who makes me want to visit their suite every 5 minutes, and thats what i do in the last few days.
She have a fun style, and she change outfits often, and all of them are lovley :D
AND, she is a realy sweet person to talk with!

This is one of her dresses, layered from 2 items.
I Jador'e it, its beautiful! I like these kind of dresses, which are layered from only 2 or 3 items and looks brilliant!
Great style, Claire ^_^

By the way, sorry for not posting much, but i have no inspirations and fun things to write about...
And i also feel like you almost dont read, so i have no one to write for.
So if you read, please comment
What do you think about Claire's style? COMMENT XD

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Style_Magazine present the new trend: Dead Bear Chic

Style_Magazine present the new hot trend in the fashion world: Dead Bear Chic.
I visited her suite today, when i saw this "Amazing" outfit!

This is totally the NEW TREND for 2009 spring!
And it isnt just a trend that our fugly smart style started, it has a story behind it. Here is the story:

Style walked with underwear in a dark cold forest in russia. She was scared, but she kept walking... And then, suddenly, a HUGE BROWN BEAR JUMPED ON HER!
In the beginning, she was sure that she will die, but she decided to fight. She fighted for her life, by throwing golden chains and shoes on the bear, and she killed him! Style was extremly happy. After she killed him she thought, "I killed a bear. Im proud of myself, and i will be even more if i will use my brilliant idea: I can rip the fur from his dead body, and wear it without even making a coat out of it!"
And so she did. Our lovley Style walked home, wearing her new dead bear.
And thats how Style created the new fab trend- Dead Bear chic.

Good job Style, im sure everyone love you, your beautiful bear over your body and your new trend.
Will we see it on the runways? Of course!
So everyone, i just wanted to let you know about this new fugly trend :D


Saturday, December 6, 2008


Hello, my sweet psychedelic readers :P
Sorry for not posting, i juts fell that i have nothing to write about! But today i was in the internet, just reading blogs and fashion sites, where i found these Oh-My-God-weird-gorgeous boots you see in the beginning of the post! I have no details about em', but i think its vintage from the 80's! I wish it was mine!
Its weird, like i want my clothes to be :D
I started to be addicted to vintage! Im no longer excited about a new dress from Zara, im excited about a stinky ripped top, with a weird unknown print on it. This is the kind of stuff that make me fell good! XD
I know alot of girls hate vintage, because they know that someone else wore it before, but thats what i like about vintage! the clothing peice have a history. When i buy vintage, i like to think who wore it and what happened with it.
Its way more fun to wear a dress that have interesting history, then wearing a dress that came straight from the factory to your wardrobe.
Its less exciting in my opinion :P

What do you think about the boots?
And about all the vintage stuff?
Temm me in a comment :D


Monday, November 24, 2008

Ice party in the Trend Lounge and best dressed list

Hello, you lovley bitch, what a beautiful day! ;D

SO, last night was another party in Trend Lounge, an ice theme party! It was Hot... Or should i say cold? Haha :)

Anyway, i want to make a best dressed list, because the party was great.

So, here they are... The ICE PRINCESSES:












Yep, i featured many people :) Now i need to go and write many "You were featured..." to all these people ;D
What was your opinion about the party is you was there?
And what do you think about the outfits?
Tell me in a nice comment!

Mich ^_^

Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank you Mary!

OMGGG Thank you for the graphics Mary!
Its so great that you did that, im sure i cant make a blog look like that. Its beautiful!
Thank you again Mary! <3



Monday, November 17, 2008


Did you saw that?

Stardoll are fucking stupid! I hate when celebrities and snob rich girls use a dog as a fashion accessory, and now Stardoll support it? WTF?

I like animals, i know animals, i have animals and i can tell you that dogs dont look or sound like a fashion accessory because they are NOT a fashion accessory! And the ironic thing is that is you look up in the page, you will see this

"We love animals!"...? Yea, maybe as a fashion accessory.

I always hated callie X_X