Monday, December 22, 2008

Life sucks? Just be colourful :D

SO, Life sucks? Im pretty sure that "yepppp..." is the answer :(
So i decided to post a colourful post for all of you, and for myself, to cheer everyone up ^_^

Lalala :D

Sooooooo, First i found some nice Haute coture outfits, colorful and yummy! And then our WONDERFUL Rebecca, AKA HulaBaby, made edited it and made this AWSOME graphic for me:

And thank you again Rebecca :D

now, i looked at the spoilers (i never do it), and found some delicious fun clothes that Stardoll will give us soon:

Looks Hautecouturistic, no? :D

And now, some fucked up weird graphics that i made, some days, or weeks, or months ago, when i was bored. But now they fit this post very well:

Muhahahahahaha! Oh and the weird thing next to the punkist old man is something in Hebrew, the graphics is kind of a parody on one of the Israeli politic groups :D

SOOOOOOOOOOOO Maybe i will add more stuff to this post, but right now its over :D

I hope you are in my crazy mood too now. , MUHAHAHAHAHA

I will control the world soon, and it will be like everyone are on drugs without the drugs part, like i am when im not in a bad mood XD



Yours (B!tch) Truly,

Micha ;D

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