Thursday, November 13, 2008

First Stardoll Street Style outfits post!

Hello, wonderful readers! ;)
Today i want to write the first REAL post (the first post doesnt count, haha). As i wrote in the first post, the main idea of the blog is featuring less known and famous members on Stardoll, but with amazing style and outfit. So, this is the first Stardoll street style looks post!
Enjoy ^_^


I was just looking around Stardoll for inspirations and nice outfits, when i something weird, but funny. A girl with a moustache! I was interested, so i went to her page and looked at her face, trying to see how she made this extremly CUTE moustache!I think she made it from Beauty marks. her hair is gorgeous too, and all these stuff make her look so funny and fun!



Emma (sweet_3094) is a great person to talk to, but im suprised to see that she is a layering queen too! she probably worked hard on this long black masterpiece... But it worth it, the dress is one of the best i ever seen! She mixed and layered eveerything so well, and even she used so many clothes the outfit doesnt look Heavy and too gothic.

Well done, Emma!



Like Emma's outfit, Aagusia made a layering outfit too. But this outfit is a funky, fresh casual outfit! She putted together clothes with nice colors, and if you look good you can see that her make up match the outfit :)

The thing i liked the most abut the outfit was the cute blue bow on the belt. It makes the outfit way more interesting!

Well done aagusia!


Thats it for now!

Did you liked the outfit? Tell your opinion with a comment ;)



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You should add more interesting people with weird styles