Monday, November 17, 2008

Street Style outfits! (2)

T0day, i decided to feature more people with great style! Yep, Stardoll Street Style outfits again ;)

Oh and im sorry that the Eternity new issue release party best dressed list isnt here yet, i will make it soon (if i will have time).

And now for the outfits:


Irene is a new member on Stardoll, but she have a better style then many senior members ;D

In this outfit she present a different side of her style, with a vintage-chic amazing combination that remind me the outfits of Foebe Buffe (Lisa kudrow) from "Friends".

Well done Irene, you a real great outfit!


OMG, i LOVE this outfit! She took the punk way too far, she is way too creative, and this outfit is WAY TOO AMAZING!

Just love it, ecpesially this to-dye-for hair ^^

Great outfit :D

Thats all for now! See ya' in the next post, you lovley B!tch ;)



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