Saturday, December 6, 2008


Hello, my sweet psychedelic readers :P
Sorry for not posting, i juts fell that i have nothing to write about! But today i was in the internet, just reading blogs and fashion sites, where i found these Oh-My-God-weird-gorgeous boots you see in the beginning of the post! I have no details about em', but i think its vintage from the 80's! I wish it was mine!
Its weird, like i want my clothes to be :D
I started to be addicted to vintage! Im no longer excited about a new dress from Zara, im excited about a stinky ripped top, with a weird unknown print on it. This is the kind of stuff that make me fell good! XD
I know alot of girls hate vintage, because they know that someone else wore it before, but thats what i like about vintage! the clothing peice have a history. When i buy vintage, i like to think who wore it and what happened with it.
Its way more fun to wear a dress that have interesting history, then wearing a dress that came straight from the factory to your wardrobe.
Its less exciting in my opinion :P

What do you think about the boots?
And about all the vintage stuff?
Temm me in a comment :D



Angelica Isaksson said...

Cool shoes :)

Sophia said...

Vintage rocks :D
Sont like the boots though :S