Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Style_Magazine present the new trend: Dead Bear Chic

Style_Magazine present the new hot trend in the fashion world: Dead Bear Chic.
I visited her suite today, when i saw this "Amazing" outfit!

This is totally the NEW TREND for 2009 spring!
And it isnt just a trend that our fugly smart style started, it has a story behind it. Here is the story:

Style walked with underwear in a dark cold forest in russia. She was scared, but she kept walking... And then, suddenly, a HUGE BROWN BEAR JUMPED ON HER!
In the beginning, she was sure that she will die, but she decided to fight. She fighted for her life, by throwing golden chains and shoes on the bear, and she killed him! Style was extremly happy. After she killed him she thought, "I killed a bear. Im proud of myself, and i will be even more if i will use my brilliant idea: I can rip the fur from his dead body, and wear it without even making a coat out of it!"
And so she did. Our lovley Style walked home, wearing her new dead bear.
And thats how Style created the new fab trend- Dead Bear chic.

Good job Style, im sure everyone love you, your beautiful bear over your body and your new trend.
Will we see it on the runways? Of course!
So everyone, i just wanted to let you know about this new fugly trend :D



Drama Of Stardoll said...

Lmfao, I Like It.

Dead Bear Chic.

Rotfl. XD

SteeloNE said...

Actually, it says fake fur.

YaelAlon said...

I know Sarah, its fake and its also virtual, but its so UGLY and making a bit fun of Style dont hurt anyone :D
And Style even took some minutes from her busy day to read the story XD

Mary said...

Story is really funny haha

YaelAlon said...

Maryy :D
And Style realy understand sarcastic humor, i actullt hink she liked it too! LOL

Dora said...


Love the story though! :D

P.S. Anyone think her mouth look like farmer's mouth? Idk, something reminds me that she's missing teeth or something like that..Lol.

YaelAlon said...

Thank you Dora, i see everyone realy like the story! I think even Style do :D

Lara said...

That is so effing funny!