Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tyrall, fun style

Tyrall, her real name is Claire, is one of the girls who makes me want to visit their suite every 5 minutes, and thats what i do in the last few days.
She have a fun style, and she change outfits often, and all of them are lovley :D
AND, she is a realy sweet person to talk with!

This is one of her dresses, layered from 2 items.
I Jador'e it, its beautiful! I like these kind of dresses, which are layered from only 2 or 3 items and looks brilliant!
Great style, Claire ^_^

By the way, sorry for not posting much, but i have no inspirations and fun things to write about...
And i also feel like you almost dont read, so i have no one to write for.
So if you read, please comment
What do you think about Claire's style? COMMENT XD


Anonymous said...

Yes I Agree! Claire Has A Wonderful Style And Is Really Nice To Talk To!
_Stylish xoxo

Claire said...

I love Claire!
Haha, but THANKS!
And thanks again!

YaelAlon said...

I agree with Claire, i like Claire too :D

Dora said...

I love my Claire Bear. :)
And those shoes are uber cute!

Kaitlyn-. said...

Her real name is not Claire.