Monday, November 17, 2008


Did you saw that?

Stardoll are fucking stupid! I hate when celebrities and snob rich girls use a dog as a fashion accessory, and now Stardoll support it? WTF?

I like animals, i know animals, i have animals and i can tell you that dogs dont look or sound like a fashion accessory because they are NOT a fashion accessory! And the ironic thing is that is you look up in the page, you will see this

"We love animals!"...? Yea, maybe as a fashion accessory.

I always hated callie X_X


Babii-Mariex said...

So True.
Animals Should Never Be Used As A Fashion Accesorie!
They Are Living Things, Just Like Us.
I Wounder How Callie Would Feel If A Giant Dog Used Her As An Accesorie..

"We love animals!"...? Yea, maybe as a fashion accessory.I always hated callie X_X <<< That Made Me Laugh :P

(YaelAlon (Michelle said...

Thank you Marie!
Yea, i can imagine a giant dog writing in stardoll's poll "Are small callies running out of fashion?" XD
I like dogs so much, so when i see something like this i feel its just sick.

Gab(gabagabby) said...

SHHHH...Callie will kill you JKJK

P.s I'll send my evil clowns to save you .

PP.s She's been 27 for about 3 years LOL